Want to stay connected and in the loop, never missing a session or special opportunity to either ride together or grab a bargain?

Join the Poseidon Poole Kite + Wing Club for just £5 per month.


Wind prediction alerts

Members receive a weekly long range forecast in their inbox and regular notifications by text when good forecast begin to line up.

Live wind updates

Our beach team will update you as wind changes to help get your work/life/riding balance right.

Session invites

Through our social group you’ll be a involved in session planning with both our team and the local community you’ll get invites to sessions and missions across our local spots.

Social invites

You’ll get invited to socials at and away from Poseidon and be the first to know about events we’re lining up

Guest list on trips and camps

Spaces on our coaching camps and trips are limited, members will be offered spaces ahead of anyone else.

Special offers

Members receive special offers and are the first to learning about upcoming sales ahead of launch.

Cornwall sessions

When conditions line up there’s no place like it. We make sure members know when those stars align and it’s worth the drive.