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Armstrong Downwind Board V2

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Faster, more refined and even more stable per size for riders from rookie through to advanced. Like the previous generation, these boards are also versatile and are excellent for lightwind winging and SUP surf foiling. 

The Armstrong Downwind in short...

+ Increased length - greater paddling speed with improved stability and tracking for easier paddling

+ Split foredeck - the split anhedral foredeck shape sheds water with ease

+ Refined bow - improved paddling efficiency and touchdown recovery and reduced swing weight for pumping and carving

+ Minimal deck recess - a flatter deck to hold more volume and shed standing water more quickly

+ New deck grip - raised deck grip arch bars and front/rear corner blocks to provide intuitive foot placement references

+ Diamond V tail - all new tail shape with significantly more rocker and an extra chine to improve takeoff performance and minimise tail touchdowns when pumping and carving

+ Foil track placement - pushed further forward for increased lift and manoeuvrability

+ Carbon foil tracks - proprietary carbon fibre foil tracks are keyed directly into the fibres of the stringers for a fully integrated construction

+ Proven construction - deck to bottom i-beam dual stringers provide maximum structural rigidity and durability

Seeking greater efficiency and user friendliness in the paddle popup, each size has been lengthened by 3.5-5% to improve paddling speed and increase stability. The foil tracks are now further forward as well for increased manoeuvrability and lift. When combined with subtle refinements to the rocker line and overall shape of the tail, these boards lift off the water exceptionally cleanly and easily.

Inspired by the new deck grip design on Armstrong's Wing FG foilboards, the Downwind and Downwind Performance boards include a fully redesigned grip tailored specifically to provide riders with maximum control, comfort and versatility when downwinding. In conjunction with the flatter deck shape, this grip features raised central bars above the foil tracks and elevated blocks in each corner of the pad, front and back, for intuitive foot placement.


  • 96L: 7’2 / 218cm x 19 1/2" / 49.5cm x 5 1/2” 14cm
  • 106L: 7’5 / 226cm x 20” / 50.8cm x 5 3/4” / 14.6cm
  • 116L: 7’9 / 236cm x 20 1/4" / 51.4cm x 5 3/4” / 14.6cm
  • 128L: 8’1 / 246cm x 20 3/4" / 52.7cm x 6” / 15.2cm 
  • 140L: 8’5 / 256cm x 21 3/4" / 53.6cm x 6” / 15.2cm