Tailored to individuals, we now offer private wingfoil lessons in the countrys' most beautiful county, Cornwall. Operating in the sheltered areas of Crantock, Watergate Bay and Daymer Bay- our coach and ex-athlete Chris Burke, runs fast paced training with the aim of developing self sufficiency and confidence in this exciting sport

Officially the fastest growing sport in the world, winging has taken the watersports scene by storm. Driven by a simple hand held wing up onto a highly efficient hydrofoil, riders have unmatched fluidity and freedom to glide around effortlessly. Loved for its simplicity and versatility; a wing, board and foil will take riders into a wide variety of conditions, locations and riding styles, opening doors to the wider world of surf foil riding.
A stand alone sport complimentary to all other watersports thanks to its ability to make poor conditions fun, it’s not ‘why?’, it’s ‘when?’.

Cornwall provides as ideal progression ground for the sport as various bays and heads offer both beginner and advanced wave riding opporunity.


Our private lessons run 121, are available hourly and focus on the individual skills students want to progress.

Ideal for an after course confidence builder, some support if it’s been a while, or giving focused tips for people struggling to break through a learning hurdle. Teaching 121 we are able to go out of our way to help students get to the level they want to achieve.


We offer advanced coaching in 121 and group formats from Poole and Cornwall for riders looking to progress into new moves or riding styles.


Our school in Poole Harbour, Dorset offers a complete range of daily private and group beginner to advanced lesson options in the wasit deep lagoon.