Based in britain's premier watersports location, our lagoon is the idyllic spot to learn + develop your watersports


+ Our taster sessions by-pass some of the more intricate details involved with learning to kiteboard in order to hit the water right away.

+ Following on from a short safety briefing, we’ll spend the first half of the lesson grasping basic piloting skills before powering things up and learning to body drag across the surface of the water to finish off.

+ Guaranteed to bring a smile, It’s simple fun and gives a great taste of the excitement of kiteboarding.


Safety briefing

Equipment familiarisation

Basic kite control

Powered body dragging


+ Our learn to kite course is our bench mark program which comprehensively covers all techniques and knowledge needed for a beginner to reach a self sufficient level of kitesurfing.

+ Broken down into 6 progressive half day modules, newcomers can book pairs of modules to total a training schedule that lasts 1, 2 or 3 full days. whilst developing riders who are looking to work on specific skills can join later modues for coaching and support.

+ A development of our most popular course program, these half day sessions can be scheduled in consecutively or split up to suit individual circumstances or the weather. They can be repeated as needed to offer the fastest and most affordable path to independent kitesurfing.

MODULE 1 - Kite Intro

Starting off with a safety brief and some theory on conditions, equipment and techniques students will next learn how to pilot trainer kites on land before learning how to prepare full sized inflatable kite.

MODULE 2 - Kite Skills

Moving onto the water we will cover safe launching, landing, piloting, relaunching and emergency recovery before powering up the kite and learning control directional control and pull through body dragging on different points of sail.

MODULE 3 - Board Intro

Next introducing the board and learning to multitask students will look at some technique theory before learning to put the board on and attempt their first waterstarts with support from their buddy.

MODULE 4 - Board Practice 

Focusing on correct technique and control, we prioritise maintaining control and motion, riding downwind and learning to stop safely.

MODULE 5 - Self Sufficiency 

Starting off with some riding etiquette theory and safety awareness we focus this session on developing independence. Putting the board on alone, walking self sufficiently and maintaining awareness of others whilst practicing riding and working on controlling direction with the rail of the board.

MODULE 6 - Independent Riding

Using edge control to carve against the kite we next focus on finding balance and the correct posture, working towards upwind riding. Finishing the session with a recap, summarising key points to remember when continuing with kitesurfing along.

FAST - TRACK 121 COURSE / £525

+ For people who want to learn fast or people who just don’t have full days to spare. Our fastrack 121 course offers students the ultimate learning experience through 7 hours of 121 tuition and 2 hours of supervised hire.

+ Booked separately over several days or consecutively, the lessons run at a pace to suit the individual and focus on building independence fast so that, come the end of the course, students are confident to continue practicing alone.


Safety assessing
Equipment familiarisation
Launching procedure
Basic kite control
Water re-launch
Powered body dragging
Directional body dragging
Upwind body dragging
Emergency pack down


Board recovery
Basic board starting
Downwind riding


Controlling speed
Confirming independence
Continuation through hire


121 £75PH / 221 £95PH

{ Private lessons discounted £10ph with own equipment }

Our private lessons run 121 or 221, are available hourly and focus on the individual skills students want to progress.

An Ideal way to start, for an after course confidence builder, some support if it’s been a while, or giving focused tips for people struggling to break through a learning hurdle. Teaching 121 or 221 we are able to go out of our way to help students get to the level they want to achieve.


+ For people ready to commit to the sport, our zero to hero bundle is a complete package of services to take a complete novice through to competent rider over a series of flexibly booked sessions.

+ Starting with a 3 day learn to kite course covering all important base skills, students will then have access to our complete range of equipment for a period of 2 months. During this time they will be able to book in a series of included coaching and progression sessions to fast track their ability towards an advanced level rider capable of holding their own wherever and however they decide to continue shredding.


Full learn to kite course

2 hour 121 tuition

2 months kit rental*

4 hours advanced 121 training

1st time off the seafront training

Knowledge booster course


We offer advanced coaching in 121 and group formats from Poole and Cornwall for riders looking to progress into new moves or riding styles.


+ Through an itinerary of theory, beach practice and on water coaching our knowledge booster course offers independent riders a session which focuses on building their kitesurfing base knowledge, confidence and riding ability in a way which will helps fast track knowledge and experience.

+ Run by our advanced coaches this 8 hour session is split between the classroom, beach and water, going deep into subjects which riders generally develop over years of riding, boosting students ability through a deeper understanding of theory, kit and technique.


Risk management for advanced riding

‘Trick Trees’ and setting personal riding goals

Self analysis and progression

Weather knowledge : including worldwide weather patterns and understanding a forecast

Tide knowledge

Wave and swell knowledge

Understanding kite designs and board shapes

Equipment maintenance : basic board repairs, bladder changing, bar maintenance


Self launching and landing

Equipment tuning : kite, board and harness

Problem Solving

Emergency management

Solving equipment problems on the fly


Technique development

Stance development : over and underpowered riding, flat and choppy water

Kite piloting : heli-looping, down-looping and re-sending, carving {switching and kite timing}


{ 12-17 year olds }
Whether you can already shred or you’re keen to get involved and try kiting for the first time, we offer youth courses and 1:1 tuition programmes which have been developed to create a fun, safe and social learning environment for all levels for riders between the ages 12-17.


With a full range of equipment from the brands that we believe in, we’ll be there to help you get the best from your kit before and after, if you choose to buy with us. And with a price match promise, if you like something but find it somewhere cheaper, we’ll always make sure you can get the best price possible backed up by our support.

With over 20 years of experience between us trying and testing kit, you’ve got the knowledge that we can point you in the right direction when it comes to taking your kiting to the next stage.