Our school in Poole is a home away from home for kiters and wingfoilers to hang out together and benefit from our experience. We leave our doors wide open for everyone to get involved with everything we do. Our Poseidon Kite + Wing Club is a community of like minded water goers, we make sure to keep in touch with everyone sending out session updates and weather forecasts,exclusive discounts and invitations, as well as making plans for social events and get togethers whenever we can.

For 2023, we’re continuing to grow the general community vibe with catchups, impromptu events and demo’s planned here at our beach HQ whilst rolling regular kite and wing camps in our sister location over in Cornwall, making the most of almost every inch of our home coast.

So whether we’re running a local demo event or the forecast is looking good for a group session, we will aim to run casual social get togethers, welcoming everyone to get involved in the local scene. Our plans generally roll with the weather, just like the sports we love - so when the wind is up we’ll get out on the water to session together and when the sun shines we’ll fire up the BBQ and enjoy a catch up with a few chilled ones.

Join our newsletter to keep in the loop but if not we’ll update Instagram and Facebook with any plans as we go.