Run by school founder and ex-professional athlete - our advanced sessions are available in Poole on a 1:1 basis. Following a bite size syllabus honed to each individual, coaching is available hourly or in dedicated clinics. These are carefully designed to break down hurdles and guarantee progression.

With 23 years of experience Chris knows first hand how a clear and practical session plan based around a progressive bite size syllabus makes a significant difference to the rate, fun and safety of developing advanced kiting techniques. With a specialised skill set in park and freestyle, and a high level of big air, foiling and waveriding, you’ll be in the right hands to guarentee progression and push your riding further under his guidance.

“Seeing yourself perform every part of the move is the key to landing it. Visualisation is everything”

Chris Burke


{ 2 hour session recommended }


{ from 2 persons up to 6 }


Through an itinerary of theory, beach practice and on water coaching our knowledge booster course offers independent riders a session which focuses on building their kitesurfing base knowledge, confidence and riding ability in a way which will helps fast track knowledge and experience.

Run by our advanced coaches this 8 hour session is split between the classroom, beach and water, going deep into subjects which riders generally develop over years of riding, boosting students ability through a deeper understanding of theory, kit and technique.

Classroom Theory

Risk management for advanced riding

‘Trick Tree’s’ + setting personal riding goals

Self analysis + progression

Weather Knowledge - including worldwide weather patterns + understanding a forecast

Tide Knowledge

Wave + swell knowledge

Understanding kite designs + board shapes

Equipment maintenance - basic board repairs, bladder changing, bar maintenance

Beach Practice

Self launching + landing

Equipment tuning - kite, board + harness

Problem Solving - emergency management + solving equipment problems on the fly

On-water Practical

Technique development

Stance development - over + underpowered riding, flat + choppy water

Kite Piloting - heli-looping, down-looping and re-sending, carving {switching and kite timing}


Looking at getting airborne and controlling jump height, this is where kiting gets really fun.

Learn take off, mid air control and landing, with a focus on confidence building, understanding and skill development as the height and hang time gets bigger.

Learning to float, land softly and even switch direction mid-air, to continue jumping with more power.


Board 'popping'
Jumping higher
Balanced air time
Correct landing
Air transitions


Focused on developing rolls, our rotation clinic lays down the foundations needed to take riding to the next level.

From the take off, cut and mid-spinning control, to spotting a landing and riding away, some key points, demonstrations and plenty of attempts have riders nailing their first spins in no time.

Progressing quickly onto roll variations, the session aims to give you a solid understanding and potential bag of tricks to be working on.


Back rolls
Front rolls
Roll 180's
Roll transitions


Getting higher, spinning faster and pulling harder. Our boosting clinic takes riders beyond their comfort zone by really pulling the trigger on power.

Controlling single and multiple spins we cover the advanced body and kite techniques required to keep balanced when 30 feet up.

Half way through, we start spicing things up by looking at kite looping. Progressively more aggressive, we cover a solid foundation of how to take riding to the next level.


Jumping higher
Advanced air control
Controlling slow & multiple rotations
Down looping
Kite looping


Opening up a whole new world of options, our unhooking clinic boosts riders into the world of advanced freestyle.

Covering equipment tuning and riding adjustments, we quickly move onto riding techniques, loading up and popping.

Building understanding as we go, railey's and unhooked rolls are on the trick list that will be covered as we move fast onto high-end moves.


Kite trimming & kit adjustments
Unhooked controlling
Riding techniques
Unhooked rolls


Developing advanced skills and techniques, our advanced unhooking sessions look at learning and adding handle pass rotations to moves.

Building understanding and technique, we follow a progressive system on which to build solid foundations in spins.

Covering frontside and backside spinning on the water first, we aim to move onto aerial spins and combination moves quickly. Covering a complete range of techniques in order to multiply personal trick options.


Backside and frontside understanding
Handle passing techniques
Surface spinning
Landing wrapped & blind
Air passing
Adding spins to railey's and rolls.


Heading out onto the ocean side, our surf board sessions cover a complete understanding of conditions, equipment and technique.

Starting with some basics on choosing locations and what to do in situations good and bad, the session will move quickly onto the water to learn methods of leaving the beach.

Developing water starts and riding position differences on a directional board, the session will aim to move onto completing carve turns and then wavering top and bottom turn techniques.


Session planning
Equipment familiarisation
Waterstart techniques
Stance adjustment
Carving & turns
Wave riding techniques


Following a dedicated and progressive foiling syllabus, our foil board clinics focus on enhancing the fun and speed of learning.

Starting by developing a foilboard specific stance and general understanding, lessons move through several board systems, building confidence and skills.

Covering handling and riding skills, our foil clinics give a solid and complete understanding of the sport, what to do and how to continue, aiming to reach a level of sustained flight on the wing.

Foilboard lessons use our specific 'flight school' short masted foil board {included in the price}.


Equipment familiarisation
Equipment handling
Safety considerations
Waterstart technique adjustment
Stance adjustment practice
Foilboard water start
Foilboard stopping
Foilboard take off
Sustaining flight

Note: Advanced lesson costs are based on tuition only, riders should use their own kit. Hire equipment is available on coaching sessions for an extra £10 per hour.