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The world’s best all round surf foil board just got better

The original Pro-Foil is a proven favourite with foilers all over the world and the sport is growing quickly. As surf foiling is developing, the Appletree design has too, and it’s now time for the V2 version of the Pro-Foil. The Pro-Foil V2 is the ultimate all round surf foil board. From paddling in steeper waves to tow-in sessions, as well as small mushy surf to wake foiling.

The original Pro-Foil was the first boat hull bottom foil board that set it apart from the rest with super-efficient paddling and the best release from the water upon takeoff. 

The deep V bottom helps with touchdowns and whitewater bashing. V2 has been refined even more with a slightly elongated middle section in the bottom and a redesigned tail for an even better release. The rails are also thinned out a bit, which make them easier to hold on to at take-off and while duck diving. 

Negative Angle, Positive Feeling

The biggest innovation for the Pro-Foil is the new recessed deck with a slight negative angle of attack. 

Firstly, the recessed deck is amazing for paddling as it ‘hugs’ your chest, allowing more control and power in your paddle. Once you have tried it, you will never go back to flat decks. 

The main benefit of the recess is Appletree can now play with the attack angles of the board. A board with a bit of rocker in the bottom helps for better touchdown performance and easier takeoffs as it deflects the water down your board, and the rider upwards. This is the way you want to go, but the negative impact is your standing area on the deck will have an upward angle. This increases back foot pressure and is not good for foil control and makes pumping the board much harder. 

With the recessed deck Appletree can increase the bottom rocker while keeping the standing area at 90 degrees to the foil tracks, they can also tune the angle of attack, and after numerous experiments, have found that a slight negative angle vastly improves both the pump and the ride feel on a wave. 

The Pro-Foil V2 has a -0.3 degree negative angle between the standing area and the foil mast.