+ T H E A U T U M N O F F E R +

+ T H E  A U T U M N  O F F E R  +
Buy any new/used kite package + get a full coaching session refunded.
Looking out the window at clouds rolling in pushing bands of rain it’s obvious Autumn has arrived.
Whilst the meteor-logical summer officially ended on August 31st, in recent years we’ve gotten used to a late 'Indian summer’ blasting a flurry of heat over the UK through September, holding off Autumn a few extra weeks.But 2022 hasn’t exactly been one to follow the norm. Here, we’re excited for the change of season and the hope we’re served up a ‘traditional British Autumn’ - wet, windy and changeable, our favourite.For us it’s the time of year we wait for, when the water is warm from summer and the storms start rolling in from the west bringing a stream of energy we can harness and ride.So with that in mind, our Autumn Offer can get you up to scratch on the water for less with a full set of kit on board too. You'll be ready for the storm season with quality equipment and hands on after care if and when you need anymore help with kit or session advice. 
Quote THE AUTUMN OFFER when you phone to book a coaching session.
*maximum course amount refundable £120

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