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Mast (Alminium)
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The SK8 Foil kit will help you get in your flow. Shred like you've never shredded before because, carving is not a crime. Designed purely with surfing in mind, the SK8 foil kit does more than turn, it carves. Delivering control, manoeuvrability and ultimate glide, the SK8 foil allows and encourages you to draw dreamy lines takign your surf foiling to the next level. 

The SK8 in short...

+ 8.0 Aspect Ratio

+ Outline designed to make turns easy

+ Allows you to push hard, through fast and controlled carves

+ Efficient design means you can surf freely and maintain efficient pumping

+ Wingtip designed to hit the foam and breach without turbulence or cavitation

+ Unique speed, perfect for surfing from offshore swells to the shorebreak with a wing

+ Monobloc construction guarantees rigidity, durability and extraordinary glide

The SK8 has been designed to surf allowing you to tear a wave apart and then pump back to the peak effortlessly. As we all know, manoeuvrability is nothing without power, speed and control. Lay into turns with ease and speed, push through the carve and see how the SK8 holds a steady line to deliver even more speed. 

For the pocket. With specific wingtip design, the SK8 is able to hit white water without too many turbulences, allowing surf-style turns and breaching pretty much any part of the foil.

Pair a SK8 foil kit with a wing and you'll be fast, ride upwind with ease and surf all the way from offshore swell until the impact zone.

Built using the F-One Monobloc structure with pre-preg carbon, the foils are both very light and strong. This setup brings improved load transmission and stiffness throughout for better control. Available in six sizes ranging from 550 to 1050. The 550, 650 and 750 are recommended with the Monobloc Tail XXXS Carving 160. The 850 will be at its best when paired with the Monobloc Tail XXXS Carving 180 and the 950 and 1050 with the Monobloc Tail XXS Carving 200.

With a thin profile and higher aspect ratio, the Monoboc Tail Carving range is the way to go if you need speed and manoeuvrability. These will provide a looser, more snappy feeling, as well as a faster pumping pace.