December Sessions

December Sessions
It's this time of year, as the days get shorter, the temperatures drop and the wind gets better that we start to get a little more selective about our days on the water and run with a slightly smaller team.
As always, when it's windy, we'll be teaching private sessions daily throughout the winter, but for November we'll be running to a slightly different timetable. We'll now be offering morning lessons from 10am and afternoon lessons from 2pm on a private basis, 121 or 221 coaching only.
If you'd like to hire kit we'll need you to book in advance at least 24 hours before your session, as the trailer won't always be open with all hands on the water to teach instead. So we can make sure there is someone on the beach to get you set up and out safely, hire sessions will also be split into morning and afternoon sessions, bookable at 9am or 1pm.
10 am & 2pm
9am & 1pm
To make the most of the winter storms and to keep everyone in the loop about upcoming forecasts, we're bringing back our free wind alert messaging.
You can still click and collect from the beach via our online store, again just give us a shout to let us know when you're coming by and we can make sure to be there.
We'll also be upping our prices a little for both kite and wing coaching from 1 Nov but will of course honour any bookings made before 1 Nov 2023.
Excited to see everyone out there for some sessions now it's officially storm season.

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