People often ask us what we do in the winter when things slow down at the beach. For us it's a chance to speed up the plans we've been planning behind the scenes. Rebuilding websites, refurbing vehicles and planning events & trips is generally on the agenda, but this winter we're a little more excited than usual as after many years of looking, Poseidon is expanding to take on a fixed premises that we can call our own shop and office.


We've wanted one for a while, but never been sure of where to do it, until this year we made our decision to expand ourselves west into a 2nd location - Cornwall. It's a part of the country we've always loved riding and a scene we've always wanted to become a part of, so we're excited to open Newquay's first dedicated kite, wing and foil shop in Prow Park March 23.

From here our online shop will have a base and our admin an office. 
What's more, the location will form a hub for regular advanced coaching camps we look forward to hosting from Spring.

Read more about our shop here, and stay tuned for our 2023 camps calendar.




We haven't and won't be forgetting Poole. With our main man - Matt taking the reins of the school from 2023 we're excited to improve our standards even further, revamping our community scene, launching a new club, hosting some fresh events, demos and mostly see everyone riding together.

More on that and other details as the year gets rolling.

For now thanks for supporting and following our journey, it's a big move for us that we're excited to welcome you to be a part of, in both Poole and Cornwall.

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